August 24, 2012

Sex, Death & Honey - Review

Reviewing books isn't something I generally do, and not something I'm overly comfortable with, but certain books strike a chord with me. In the past I have rated a book based on stars (Goodreads) or 'liked' a title (Amazon) that I particularly enjoyed. As a reader I have never put much thought into it. But it occurs to me that this is something I should be doing. Writers invest countless hours and months punching out stories for our entertainment, the least we can do is to let them know how they performed. 

But instead of writing negative reviews, I will only be writing reviews on books that I enjoyed. As a writer (who will no doubt receive his fare share of both) I find it hard enough to critique another writer's work, let alone have the balls to tell them (and the world) that it sucked. If you want that kind of thing, there are plenty of places to look. You won't find it here.

I am going to try and make a habit of posting the occasional review of books I find interesting. Perhaps with practice it will become easier. And hopefully my views will help steer other readers to books that I enjoy.

Anyway, below is my review of Brian Knight's recent release Sex, Death & Honey. Enjoy.


Why did I blitz through Brian Knight’s Sex, Death & Honey in one short sitting? ‘Cause the man can write one hell of a fast paced, kick-arse, compelling novel, that’s why. Doesn’t matter whether it’s dark and bloody, a young adult’s fantasy come true, or a crime thriller like SD&H. The guy has writing talent in spades.

But the number one reason why I loved this book? Characterizations. And what makes his characters so damned appealing? They are all flawed to hell. Now, I’m not suggesting there’s anything amiss with the writing, on the contrary. What I’m saying is that the people that populate the pages of this book are real.

Take Butch Quick, the protagonist. Sure, he’s huge, he’s strong, but he’s not the most attractive fellow, and also not the luckiest. In fact, I’ve never seen a character befall such unfortunate outcomes in a book before. And I love that. To me it breathes a sense of reality into the work. But his multiple professions: bounty hunter, bouncer and repo man also whisks me off to a fictional realm, one I hope never to encounter.

Apart from the characters themselves, the writing is excellent. I’ve been a fan of Brian’s from the get-go, and he is yet to disappoint. This recent foray into crime-thriller appears to be very fluid. And it suits him. From seedy back-alleys, to car chases, to shoot-outs with crooked cops and scumbags alike, Knight writes as if he’s lived the tale himself.

There’s humour, there’s action, there’s the sexy dame; it’s got it all. Only problem I had was I didn’t want the story to end.

If you haven’t read Knight’s work, I highly recommend you do so. Now.

If you have, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed with Sex, Death & Honey.

It’s a hell of a ride.

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