June 19, 2011

Scaryminds Reviews Festive Fear: Global Edition!


Review site Scaryminds has given an extremely positive editorial for Festive Fear: Global Edition, in which my story Dear Santa appeared. 

They had this to say:

Scott Tyson, who has immediately gone on my Christmas Card list, brings the house down with the wonderfully perverse Dear Santa, a story told through letters to the big jolly fellow. Excellent stuff that made the collection worth reading on it's own. Tyson deserves a lot of accolades for this exercise in undermining childhood memories, not that I’m saying I wrote a lot of letters to Santa of course. 

As Scaryminds reports, all copies have long since sold out from the publisher, but I couldn't be happier with their review. 

For the full report check out their website: http://www.scaryminds.com/reviews/2011/book105.php


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