August 1, 2012

Third Time's A Charm?

See Williams there? That's me. See his lovely third wife? That's a book deal I just signed.

That's right, it's happening again. This time with an Aussie publisher. Except this time, it's going to happen.

What makes me so confident? Well, apart from this publisher having already printed works from other Aussie authors such as Steve Gerlach and Brett McBean, I trust them. There were no bullshit promises, unrealistic deadlines or release dates, just pure honesty; a welcome change, in light of previous publishing let-downs.

You may sense a little caution in my voice. You would be right, to a point. I'm a realist, first and foremost. Anything can happen. My publishing history has proven that. But still, even though I've suffered a couple of crippling set backs, I have every confidence in these guys. I'm just not screaming from the rafters. Not yet, anyway.

There's also another reason for this: the book, Topsiders, won't be out for a while. At this point, due to a hectic publishing schedule, the release date is sometime late 2013, possibly early 2014. It's hard to fathom a wait that long, for writer and reader alike. And many of you would probably say to hell with it, find someone else. But I've travelled that road, and look where it took me? I quit writing for a time after each book deal fell over, mainly because I felt like such a fool, telling anyone who would listen that 'I have a book coming out' and 'I'm a writer'. Not the only reasons, of course, but the thoughts in my head amounted to the same conclusion: Maybe I'll never be published; Maybe I'm not good enough. Maybe I should quit right now.

Those thoughts were always destined to fade. There's nothing quite like the thrill of writing. For me, anyway.

Besides. Both the deals that fell over were through no fault of my own. Just plain dumb luck. And I'll be honest, reading over those two books, I don't think they were good enough anyway. Always a strong believer in fate, I'm starting to think this was the plan all along.

I'm rambling. Hey, it's a blog, right?

Anyway. The contract has been signed and now the waiting game begins. Strangely, I'm not concerned. The news has only served to strengthen my resolve. My writing regimen has changed as a result. I'm back to writing every weekday, every chance I get. I'm now over halfway through my next novel. I have interest in it already. Things will get better from here on out.

I'll be sure to update this more often. Now that I have something to say ;)

Cheers, and thanks for reading. 



  1. Congrats again, bud! Look forward to picking it up when it comes out!

  2. Thanks, Lee. I appreciate your support.

  3. Well done mate - and the wait will be worth it. Now go and work on your next book! ;)

  4. Thanks, Greg. Will do.

    And thanks, Douglas.